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Scapa Aerospace Adhesive Solutions

Scapa, in partnership with leading industry experts, continuously evaluates new aerospace engineering trends to offer its partners customized solutions that meet industry and OEM spec and provide the optimal solution for the application.

Scapa also featured new “green” fire retardant formulation alternatives for manufacturing, assembly and refinishing applications. These new FR adhesives are environmentally friendly and offer a variety of benefits versus traditional halogen based adhesives, including no hydrochloric by-products and compliance with aerospace regulatory requirements. In addition, Scapa offers new FR coating capabilities which are ideal in the manufacture and refinishing of airline seating and other interior cosmetic fixtures.

Scapa’s onsite technical service and R&D teams utilize advanced laboratory equipment systems and implement tolerance specific testing procedures, including UL 94 and FAR 25.853 vertical flame testing methods.

Aerospace Portfolio

  • Flame Retardant Permanent/Removable Tape
  • Double Coated Cloth Tape
  • Waterproof Cloth Tapes
  • Duct Tapes
  • Flash Tapes
  • Aluminum Foil Tapes
  • Edge Protection Films
  • Wire Harness Wraps
  • Acrylic Foam Tapes (AFT)
  • FR Coating Capabilities

Key Applications

Carpet installation and repair
Double coated permanent / removable rubber based adhesive constructions for the installation and repair of aircraft cabin floorings, carpets and galley mats.

Cargo area applications
Fire retardant duct tapes for seam sealing compartment liners and other splicing, insulating, reinforcing and holding applications.

Attachment of interior trim
Acrylic, double-sided PET tapes used for the attachment of interior trim.

Chemical / paint masking
Self-wound aluminum foil tape for specialty masking applications during painting and chemical stripping processes.

Corrosion protection
Tough acrylic adhesive PU erosion protection films for leading edges on wings, fuselages and propellers.

General wire wrapping and identification
Strong, flexible and conformable PVC tapes are available in a variety of colors for marking branches and identifying connections in wiring harness construction.

Permanent bonding
Acrylic Foam Tapes for the permanent bonding of materials when fastener and hardware reduction is desired.

Non-silicone, nylon film tape with rubber adhesive for flash breaking applications where silicone contamination is a concern.  Product can also withstand high temperatures up to 350°F.

Textile coating and laminating
Textile coating and laminating capabilities for the manufacture and refinishing of airline seating and other interior cosmetic fixtures. Treatments include FR adhesives, waterproofing and antimicrobial treatments.

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