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Scapa is a leading global manufacturer of bonding solutions and adhesive components for applications in the Healthcare and Industrial markets. We have a wide reaching global footprint, with 19 manufacturing and operations facilities across Europe, North and South America and Asia.

At Scapa, our focus is on our customers and we apply a deep understanding of our markets, from over 80 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, to create value.

We take an entrepreneurial approach, and everything we do is underpinned by our principles: Integrity, Compliance, Value creation, Entrepreneurship, Customer focus, Knowledge, Change, Humility, Respect and Fulfillment. Our philosophy allows our employees the freedom to create value for the business, our customers, stakeholders and communities.

The specific opportunities that may be available will depend on the type of business and its location. For this reason, job applications to Scapa companies are dealt with at a local level by the human resources department of the appropriate region.

Scapa is an equal opportunities company.

If you wish to contact Scapa about employment possibilities, please search Current Opportunities or use the contact details below for your region.

For employment opportunities in Europe
UK: Jill McGrory - jill.mcgrory@scapa.com
France: Sandra Evans - sandra.evans@scapa.com
Germany / Switzerland: Raphael Schoenenberger - raphael.schoenenberger@scapa.com
Italy: Annalisa Masini - annalisa.masini@scapa.com

For employment opportunities in North America
Marty Sherman - marty.sherman@scapa.com

For employment opportunities in Asia
China: Janice Tang - janice.tang@scapa.com
Hong Kong: Judy Chan - judy.chan@scapa.com
Korea: Hongkuk Jeon - hongkuk.jeon@scapa.com
Malaysia: Max Wu - max.wu@scapa.com
India: Dhandapani - dhandapani@scapa.com

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