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Fire Retardant Tape 

Scapa Fire Retardant tapes function as a fire barrier to meet more demanding fire propagation and fire survival requirements.

These tapes are based on a finely woven glass substrate, which has intrinsic fire retardant properties, and the surface coating also gives weave stability. All of these tapes are free from halogens and sulphur.

The high tensile strengths give the additional benefit of excellent binding properties. There is a semi-conducting version available to complement the rest of the insulative range.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Acts as a barrier between the flame and the combustible core/insulation within the cable.
  • Retains the integrity of the cable during and after exposure to fire.
  • Extends the fire-survival time of the cable and its functions.
  • High tensile strength aids bonding and prevents bird-caging.
  • Used in cables designed to meet IEC60332-3 Category A and IEC331.
  • Available in widths, inside and outside diameters, and lengths to suit the cable manufacturers individual requirements.


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