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Scapa Skin Friendly Turn-Key Solutions

Scapa is an experienced and trusted provider to the global healthcare industry, delivering turn-key skin friendly solutions. We can support you through all aspects of product development from raw materials, coating, converting, sterilization, printing and packaging. Every solution is developed with end user comfort in mind.

Our product solutions are used in markets such as Advanced Wound Care, Consumer Wellness, Medical Devices and Trans-dermal / Drug Delivery.

Scapa's expertise in product development means we are the ideal partner in the healthcare industry.

Why Scapa?

  • We care about quality
    Quality is in everything we do, from our expert support and advice to concept design through to full-scale production. You can feel confident that your products are manufactured to the highest level of quality and care.

  • Our high performing materials will make your products stand out
    We manufacture and produce a comprehensive range of raw materials from our Bioflex® PU Films to a range of PU, PE and PVC Foams and non woven’s.

  • We’re experts in skin friendly adhesives
    We can offer a wide range of adhesives and coatings, such as our skin friendly Scapa Soft-Pro® Silicone Gel range, specialty acrylics and our unique breathable Scapa Soft-Pro® Polyurethane Gel.

  • We can build your products ready to go
    With our global converting capabilities we can offer a range of fully validated precision equipment, operated by highly skilled teams with a depth and breadth of knowledge and experience. We can also offer high speed printing, packaging and sterilization services.

  • We’re trusted worldwide
    All of our worldwide manufacturing and converting facilities are registered to ISO9001/9002 and EN46001/EN46002 standards. We also have sites that meet ISO13485. We operate ISO Class 7 (10,000) and ISO Class 8 (100,000) clean rooms in both the US and Europe. 


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