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Scapa Heatseal Tapes

Scapa heat reactive and pressure sensitive tapes virtually guarantee a robust bond in even the most demanding applications. Scapa Heat Seal tapes are thermosetting, providing a particularly strong seal in both bonding as well as splicing applications.

Scapa's products are specially designed for:

  • Smart Card lamination and module embedding (please see our Smart Card section for more information)
  • On glass cloth, in both manufacture and converting
  • On many metals, wood, glass and engineered plastics
  • On heavy textiles and roofing fabrics
  • On substrates as demanding as kevlar, aramide and carbon

A range of tapes with different levels of adhesion and thicknesses are available.

Our specialist sales and technical personnel are always on hand to give recommendations on the most appropriate product for your specific application.

Benefits of the Heat Seal Splicing range:

  • Excellent resistance to solvents
  • High ultimate bond strength for secure seals
  • Outstanding heat resistance for high temperature applications (up to +250°C long-term and +400°C short-term)
  • Rapid curing even at relatively low bonding temperatures
  • Heat Seal tapes have a slight initial tack for precise positioning

Scapa offers solutions for all splicing needs with tapes to meet the highest temperatures, the most severe shear forces, most aggressive solvents and most demanding conditions. Scapa tapes can also be tailored to meet individual customer needs.

Key products include:

H193U - Heat reactive double-coated tape

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