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History of Scapa Group plc

Scapa Group formed in 1927 as Scapa Dryers Ltd

Rotunda (UK) became first tapes company to join Scapa, 1987

Lindsay and Williams Ltd (UK) join Scapa, 1988

Adenax (Italy) join Scapa, 1992

Saba (France) join Scapa, 1993

Barnier (France & Germany) join Scapa, 1993

Renfrew Tapes (Canada) join Scapa, 1995

Coating Sciences Inc (USA) join Scapa, 1995

Finite (USA) join Scapa, 1997

Sellotape Industrial (UK & Switzerland) join Scapa, 1997

Tapes companies become known as Scapa Tapes, 1998

Scapa divested traditional paper business to concentrate on tapes, 1999

Acutek Int Inc (USA) join Scapa, 2000

Joint venture with Mei Wei Holdings (HK), 2000

Great Lakes Technologies join Scapa, 2000

Medifix Adhesive Products (UK) join Scapa, 2001

Lusa Inc (USA) join Scapa, 2001

Cable Components (UK) join Scapa, 2001

Divestment of Megolon business to AlphaGary 2006

 Divestment of Sealants business to Hodgson, 2007

Scapa Tapes India PvT Ltd, 2011

Creation of Scapa Brazil Subsidiary 2011

Acquisition of Webtec 2011

Acquisition of First Water Limited 2015

Acquisition of EuroMed Inc. 2016

Acquisition of Markel Industries 2017


Acquisition of Systagenix-September 2018