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Scapa adhesive tapes offer many benefits to traditional fasteners and fixings often used within industrial applications. They are lightweight, easy to apply and can improve production speeds and processes using our converting capabilities.

Within the Industrial market, there are a high number of market segments and specialist requirements that can be successfully covered by Scapa's extensive technical adhesive tapes, films and foams range. These are generally used for the permanent or temporary assembly and fabrication of products and components.

Our ranges of products cover a wider variety of product types than virtually any other adhesive tape manufacturer, and for more unique applications our development engineers are able to custom design to suit any requirement.

Whatever your market segment - talk to Scapa for the right choice of product for your needs.

Why Scapa?

  • Wide varieties of technical adhesive tapes – Scapa are the perfect partner if you’re looking to reduce your supply chain.

  • Converting capabilities – Scapa products can be custom designed to your specific application requirements using our global converting team.

  • Scapa products help you to improve you manufacturing processes – no matter what format you require the tapes in, Scapa will be able to help.


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