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Insulative Tape

Scapa Insulative cable wrapping tapes perform a wide variety of functions including sacrificial curing (autoclave curing), binding, bedding, separating, and core identification. They are also used for laminating to sheathing to improve performance in cold impact testing.

Whilst generally these products act as a barrier to extrudate penetration, versions are available with pinholes where the venting of volatiles is an important consideration.

Using woven Nylons and Polyesters this range offers high strength performance when used for binding applications.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Ensures concentricity of the cable is maintained during the vulcanisation of rubber elastomeric cables.
  • Helps overall cable flexibility by letting the cores slide more easily against each other.
  • Prevents over-extrusion material penetrating core gaps.
  • Protects heat damage to core insulation by acting as a barrier to high temperature over-extrusion processes, e.g. lead or aluminium.
  • Protects inner and outer sheaths from cutting in steel amoured cables.
  • High tensile strength helps prevent bird-caging.


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