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Scapa Paper Masking Tapes

Scapa offers a comprehensive range of masking tapes to meet all customer masking, bonding, holding and sealing applications.

Our product range includes aggressive rubber / resin and silicone solvent based adhesives, resistant to very high ranges of temperatures to meet different application requirements.

Scapa's range of masking tapes ensure a great performance during applications. Our tapes can be used in domestic and commercial applications such as indoor painting and plastering, brushing and spraying air drying paints, masking a variety of metals, high temperature masking, protection against damage, protection and masking during sandblasting and protection against abrasion.

Key products include:

2595 - High temperature (up to 200°C) paper masking tape
9060S - 60°C resistant paper masking tape
9080S - 80°C resistant paper masking tape
9100S - 100°C resistant paper masking tape
9130S - 130°C resistant paper masking tape

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