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Printing & Graphics

The print quality of packaging has been transformed in recent years. The tense economic climate and requirements from the customers for better quality graphics challenge printers to optimise their processes without compromising on quality.

The latest generation of printing machines, with their modern digital plate technologies, allow printers to achieve images of photographic quality, and this at much higher speeds than in the past. This has in turn set new standards for plate mounting tapes. They securely place the plate onto the printing cylinder, and ensure no plate lifting occurs at elevated machine speeds.

Scapa continue to develop innovative self adhesive products that accommodate the growing trend towards automation, while optimising production processes and increasing their safety and efficiency. Scapa’s Exafit® and Hardmount family of products, as well as specialist finishing tapes, continue to be developed in close collaboration with machinery and equipment suppliers. This way, we are able to provide cutting edge, application specific solutions adapted to customers’ needs.

Key Products & Applications

  • The Scapa Exafit® range offers the right variety of product hardness, thickness and adhesive properties to ensure the best results in the most demanding of print jobs.

  • The Exafit® range is the perfect answer for flexible packaging printing.

  • Scapa Hardmount offers a selection of double sided filmic tapes to suit requirements of printing on traditional sleeves and cylinders as well as compressible sleeves.

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