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Trapper Tape™ by Renfrew™


For over 35 years, in the small town of Renfrew, Ontario, Canada, we have been proudly producing the world’s most renowned hockey and construction tapes. The hardworking ethos of our 176 employees has been passed down generations, from the original settlement ofthe North American frontier, when adversity was conquered with rugged tools, ingenuity and a ‘can-do’ attitude.

Better than traditional cloth duct tapes, Trapper Tape™ is engineered from high quality polyethylene (PE) film, specially coated with a proprietary synthetic rubber adhesive system that is easy to tear, sticks aggressively and cleanly removes from a wide range of demanding indoor/outdoor surfaces and application conditions. And further in the tradition and spirit of our rich Canadian roots, Trapper Tape™ is manufactured to be strong, durable and conformable, making it the optimal multi-purpose ‘duct-style’ tape.

Users: DIYers and outdoor enthusiasts - painters, builders, campers, hunters, fishers, hikers, gardeners.


  • Fixing, repairing, banding, securing, protecting

  • Indoor / outdoor

  • Multi-surface

  • Wide temperature range