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Water Swellable Tape

Water Swellable tapes are designed to prevent water ingress into fibre optic, copper data/telecom and power cables.

Using superior super absorbent polymers (SAP) gives these tapes premium performance during the critical first minute of response to water. The SAP is laminated and evenly distributed between various non-woven materials so that all the SAP contributes efficiently to the water blocking properties of the tape. Water swellable tapes are available in insulative, semi-conductive, laminated and marine versions to suit the cable application.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Proven long term performance as a replacement for traditional filling jellies in optical fiber cable
  • Proven non nutritive to fungal growth.
  • Fast swelling speed.  Thermally stable gel.
  • Available in a range of swelling heights to match the cable maker’s specific application.
  • Available in long lengths to optimize the cable makers production efficiency
  • Seawater grades available for submarine and costal cable installations


Available in widths, inside and outside diameters, and lengths to suit the cable manufacturer’s individual requirements including traverse wound spools and large diameter coils.

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