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Building & Construction

As the global construction industry grows, professionals try to improve their productivity by using increasingly high performance technologies and materials. In line with this requirement, Scapa’s Barnier range of products aims to facilitate every application in your profession. Whether you are a general builder, a decorator or a civil engineer, Scapa will provide you with the very best adhesive solution to fit your purpose.

Buildings generate an extremely large quantity of harmful gases such as Co2. Coming under particular scrutiny of governments, consumers and environmentalists, the construction industry constantly needs to improve its performance in terms of energy, materials and waste. In response to this global issue, Scapa offers a range of innovative solutions which exceed government regulations and set a new standard.

Combining latest technology materials and adhesives, Scapa produces a wide variety of tapes to meet the demand of assembly, bonding and protection applications.

Why Scapa?

  • We have been supplying the building and construction market for over 90 years – offering every customer the benefit of our expertise.

  • Manufacturing over 100 varieties of high quality adhesive tapes means we are the perfect partner should you wish to reduce your supply chain.

  • Our products are designed to answer every need of the professional tradesman including general builders, decorators, plumbers and electricians.

  • All our adhesive tape solutions comply with the latest government standards and European regulations, ensuring the suitability of every product for your specific requirement.

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