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Renfrew Pro Tape™ 

We are excited to introduce our rebrand to Renfrew Pro Tape™ – as a leader in adhesive technologies for over 30 years, our quality tape products are trusted by amateur and professional athletes to help make hockey dreams come true.

Whether you play ice hockey recreationally or professionally, every time you step on the ice you want to be focussed on playing well, and winning. Knowing that you’re using the best hockey tape on your stick and to secure your protective shin pads, helps free up your mind to stay on the game.

We are the official tape for the majority of the professional hockey teams in North America, and Renfrew Pro Tape™ have also been in the dressing rooms of every Stanley Cup champion team over the past 21 consecutive years. Renfrew Pro Tape offers unrivalled quality for ice hockey players all over the world. Due to the nature of the products construction, our hockey tape aids puck control to improve your game and protects your hockey stick against the harsh climate on the ice.

Since Renfrew Hockey Tape's inception in 1980, hockey has come from all-wood, to metal, and now to composite one piece hockey sticks. Each new development has brought changes to the performance expectations of hockey tape. Throughout this evolution, Renfrew Hockey continues to develop its products so that every roll of hockey tape optimises performance, regardless of the type of hockey stick you use.

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Why Renfrew?

  • Renfrew ProTape is the chosen tape by most of the professional hockey teams in North America.

  • Renfrew Pro Tape aids your puck control and provides a high level of protection for your hockey stick blade.


Key Products & Applications

  • Renfrew’s ProBlade™ Hockey tape provides superior wear characteristics that increase the life of the product on the blade, as well as protecting the blade itself.

  • Patterned / coloured versions of CMP are widely used in hockey, lacrosse, skateboarding and snowboarding.

  • Renfrew’s PolyFlex™ Hockey tape is used to securely hold shin pads in place while allowing the range of motion required to stay focused during a game.

  • Friction tape, with a tacky exposed surface, offers additional puck control on the blade of a stick.

  • Pro style grip tape is made from a cohesive gauze-like cloth and offers a lightweight option for grip.

  • StretchRap™ is a cohesive cloth product with superb stretch characteristics and offers a “spongy” feel for a better grip.

  • Trainer’s tapes and Pre-wrap foam products offer injury support and aid prevention, no matter what sport they are used in.

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Renfrew Hockey Tape


Renfrew Hockey is the Official Supplier to Hockey Canada

Renfrew Hockey are a member of CSGA

Renfrew Hockey is a member of CSGA (Canadian Sporting Goods Association).