Our Business Model

We have a deep understanding of our core markets, a clear strategy for each business unit and a Leadership Team with the right skills and experience to drive the business forward.

  • Financial Discipline
    Through a strong financial discipline, Scapa Group has focused on increasing margins by seeking operational efficiencies.
  • Strategic assets
    We see an opportunity to leverage the operational excellence capabilities that we have gained in our self-help journey, to focus on efficiency and asset utilisation.
  • Partnerships
    We believe in partnerships that deliver strong returns for all the parties involved. Working closely with our customers allows us to develop innovative products in the most cost-effective way.
  • Employees
    Our people are dedicated to making the business stronger. We invest in the development of our employees and build an entrepreneurial culture to drive success.
  • Synergies
    Through our M&A, technology transfer strategies and self-help programmes, we are continuously focused on seeking synergies that strengthen our value creation and enable the business to thrive.


Scapa Healthcare is the trusted strategic partner of choice for the world’s leading companies in Advanced Wound Care, Consumer Wellness and Medical Device Fixation.

We partner with the top global MedTech companies to develop and manufacture innovative skin friendly medical device fixation and topical solutions, from inception through to market delivery, from our state-of-the-art facilities.

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Scapa Industrial is a global supplier of bonding solutions and manufacturer of adhesive-based products which offer meaningful value in industrial applications due to their lightweight, easy-to-apply properties.

We are recognised for our unparalleled range of products, including adhesive tapes, films and foams, and we can engineer custom designs for even the most unique applications.

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Challenge the Status Quo

The Healthcare industry is undergoing significant change. We have an opportunity to be a disruptive force in the market to provide a solution to our customers. Our goal is to expand our addressable market by enhancing our value chain and technologies. We will partner with our customers to continue to drive the technology transfers.

Our Goal

To expand our addressable market by enhancing our value chain and technologies.

How We Will Succeed

We will partner with our customers to continue to drive technology transfers, become an integrated part of their product life cycles and build a platform to play across the full outsourced spectrum.

Challenge Ourselves

Our strategy is underpinned by our people and our entrepreneurial culture which enable us to adapt to the many changes and challenges we face. The Scapa Way and our Ten Guiding Principles ensure that we will continue to focus on value creation. We must continue to ensure that our people, both new and current, are aligned with an entrepreneurial mindset.



Adjusted earnings per share
(2018: 18.2p)

Continue to drive overall profitability and create value.



Customer satisfaction per order
(2018: 97.4%)

Continue to increase customer satisfaction by increasing the number of orders that do not lead to a complaint.



Lost time accident frequency rate
(LTAFR) (2018: 0.97)

Continue to protect our people by focusing on health and safety.



Charitable contributions
(2018: £91,145)

Continue to create value in our local communities and find new ways of supporting local initiatives.

Challenge Sufficiency

We believe that the Industrial pressure sensitive material market is significant but mature, inefficient and complacent. As one of the largest and few companies with a global footprint, we have the potential to grow and gain market share. We will leverage our operational excellence to focus on niche areas where we have a competitive advantage.

Our Goal

To grow and gain market share in the niche markets where we have a competitive advantage.

How We Will Succeed

We will concentrate on core markets with differentiated application solutions, increasing revenue to our key customers by introducing additional products and technologies, as well as pursuing cross-selling opportunities in adjacent markets.

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