Scapa Healthcare’s growth strategy is focused on acquiring innovative technologies and solutions that enhance not only our capabilities, but also our intellectual talent including R&D, engineering, project management, regulatory and quality.

Our latest technology transfers strengthened our value proposition as a leading outsource partner with a full range of services including: a dedicated innovation team; custom formulations and compounding; analytical and microbiology labs; sterilisation services; and quality and regulatory expertise. Now, we are well equipped to capitalise on the outsource trend supporting our customers from concept to commercialisation. Our ability to deliver differentiated solutions to market faster gives our customers a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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(2018: £112.8m)


Trading Profit

(2018: £17.4m)


Organic Trading Profit Margin %

(2018: 15.2%)

Our Targeted Segments

Advanced Wound Care

Scapa Healthcare understands the complexity of wound management - from fluid handling to protecting surrounding skin. Our extensive experience co-developing and manufacturing advanced wound dressings and topical skin care solutions allow us to offer unique solutions keeping patient comfort and safety in mind.

Consumer Wellness

Consumer wellness products include first aid and personal care products. Today's consumers are constantly looking for effective solutions to address their personal care needs at home. At Scapa Healthcare, we partner with Consumer Product Companies to identify unmet needs and bring innovative solutions to market rapidly.

Medical Device Fixation

Attaching medical devices to the body is particularly challenging as human skin varies from person to person. Scapa Healthcare's MEDIFIX Solutions™ offer a broad portfolio of skin adhesives and medical-grade substrates. We also customise adhesive formulations for unique applications.

"We continue to strengthen our portfolio of technologies and solutions to support our customers and deliver innovative products to market faster than they can do themselves."

Joe Doherty, Healthcare President


Acquired the Gargrave, UK facility

Acquired the Gargrave, UK, facility to strengthen our R&D and innovation resources, global quality and regulatory services and sterilisation capabilities to address the market trend for outsource services beyond manufacturing.

Invested in BioMed

Invested in BioMed Laboratories' capabilities, based in Dallas, Texas, to enhance our value proposition beyond skin adhesives and to deliver on increasing demand for wound care, ostomy, and over-the-counter skin care solutions.

Introduced two unique technologies

Introduced two unique technologies: a next-generation hydrocolloid technology and two skin care products for advanced wound care and consumer applications to strengthen our product offering.

New Manufacturing Facility

Completed a new built-for-purpose manufacturing facility, on time and within budget, in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Case Study: Leveraging BioMed's capabilities for rapid speed to market

The Problem

A long-term global consumer customer sought a strategic partnership to develop and manufacture a new over-the-counter product beyond our adhesive coverage for the US market.

The challenge was to formulate and introduce a new topical personal care product to market in nine months. We expedited design and development processes so our partner could deliver a differentiated solution within the timeframe.

The Solution

Our research and development team at the Dallas site developed a unique formulation with an FDA OTC (over-the-counter) monograph active ingredient in less than a month. Upon completion of the formulation development work and packaging concept, a prototype was presented to the customer for review. The customer was satisfied with both the formulation and the proposed packaging, which will allow for easy application.

The result was the delivery of an innovative product that will be available to consumers in Spring 2019 throughout the US with a national retail chain. The partnership continues to flourish and evolve as both teams work on upgrades and new programmes for future line extensions.

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