EU Transition

On 24th December 2020, the UK and European Commission agreed the terms of a post-Brexit free trade agreement which came into provisional application on 1st January 2021.

We recognise that as valued customers, suppliers and partners you want to understand the steps we are taking to minimise disruption while we adapt to operating under the terms of the free trade agreement.

In our preparations we have focused on contingency planning to support the business and maintain our customer service and supply chain management in compliance with regulatory frameworks.


Does Scapa have a plan in place to mitigate the impact of post Brexit customs procedures?

We are following UK Government guidance, and working closely with our freight forwarders to ensure a smooth transition through the new customs formalities.

Who is responsible for customs declarations where incoterms are DAP (Delivered at Place)?

Where our customers purchase goods on DAP incoterms, Scapa will arrange for the completion of export customs declarations. Customers, as the buyer, will need to arrange for the completion of import customs declarations and are also responsible for the payment of any import duty or VAT.

Has Scapa applied for Customs Freight Simplified Procedures?

Scapa's freight forwarders will be handling declarations on our behalf.

Does Scapa have plans in place to secure Certificates of Origin from its vendors prior to the expiry of the Rules of Origin waiver on 31st December 2021?

Certificates of Origin are either already in place or are being collected for our vendors.

Does Scapa have an Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) number?

Scapa has EORI numbers for all of its UK operations. Please contact your Scapa representative if you require further details.

Does Scapa have a plan in place concerning regulatory frameworks and compliance?

Scapa is taking steps to adapt to regulatory changes following the end of the transition period. Where necessary the trading entities within our Healthcare Business division (Scapa Healthcare) are changing Notified Body from a UK Notified Body to a Notified Body based within the EU and liaising with our customers to update Quality Agreements as appropriate.

Where activities of a Scapa entity operating in the UK are subject to REACH regulations to chemicals, REACH registrations held by EU companies from which they source may be utilised until 27th October 2021. Registrations under UK REACH will be sought so that such supplies remain in accordance with regulations from this date.

If you have any queries or require further information, please contact your Scapa representative. Thank you.